Wednesday, October 25, 2006

growing kids, too small socks and surprise light

How's that for a title? :)

growing kids- I bought Little Man some jeans at the beginning of the school year, which is less than two months ago. Yesterday I pulled them out gave them to him to put on. Can you believe they don't fit?! And these are 5t! He has been eating more than usual lately so I guess there was a growth spurt in there somehwere. Sheesh.

too small socks- along the lines of growth spurts, I had to rip my Tiger stripe socks. These are the ones I'm knitting for LM out of some Opal (I'll have to post a pic later). I'd knitted the *entire* sock all the way to starting the toe decreases. I had LM try them on and they didn't even get over his ankles. The last two pair of socks I've knit for him have been on US1 needles, starting with 40ish sts. I guess 40ish sts is too few.


So last night I ripped the sock and started over with 54 sts on US1 dpns. I got about two inches into the cuff and after I finish this post I'm going up to have LM try them on. Just to make sure he hasn't grown again overnight.

surprise light- we've lived in this house for nearly 6 yrs so you would think that I'd know where all the good photography light is. Most of my photos are taken in the kitchen where we have 4 huge windows and a very large sliding glass door. But yesterday morning I was fooling around and caught Monkey Boy in our bathroom, his face smeared with chocolate. Check out the gorgeous light-
too much trail mix too early in the AM
Tech info:
50mm @ 2.2, 1/250
800iso (hence the noise- what are the chances I'll upgrade to a 30D sometime soon?)

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