Saturday, March 25, 2006

actual knitting pics!

Remember this? I have nearly 800 yds of this spun up, and enough roving for at least another 400ish yards. So what did I decide to make with it? How about Veste Everest from Fall 2005 IK:
Veste Everest
Originally I was going to make the 34 inch size of the vest, but once I'd gotten halfway up the front and held it to my bust, I realized that there was no way it was going to fit. So I ripped it and started over with the 40 inch size. That may be a little too large but if it is, I'm going to perform some sewing machine surgery on the sides and "take it in" a little. The pattern calls for cables on the back, which is waste of time and yarn IMHO. I think I'm going to just do a 6x2 ribbing instead.

Last weekend while I was spinning at LPK, a shipment of new Malabrigo arrived. It didn't even get to the shelves before I had them lay aside four skeins of Red Pearl for me. Last time they had the Red Pearl Malabrigo, a woman bought up all eight skeins while I was trying to decide if I 'needed' it. (Who am I kidding? Of *course* I needed it! It's Malabrigo!) Anyways, I learned my lesson and grabbed the skeins while they were still being unpacked from the bag. Despite already having plenty of projects on the needles, I started the T-Shirt Sweater from Ella Rae:
t-shirt sweater from Ella Rea

isn't it purty?


Shar said...

I have that vest on my to knit list. I'm anxious to see yours completed.

Elspeth said...

I love both of those yarns, and the patterns!

marirob said...

The vest looks like it going to be so pretty! I love the color of the yarn!

HomeJewel said...

I love that vest - and the colors! And your recent pictures have been gorgeous!!

Abigale said...

Love your pics and your blog... lovely stuff!!

Just as a (hopefully) helpful hint (which you've probably already taken into consideration): a 6x2 rib on the back instead of cables is going to make the back *wider* than the pattern is written for, but just in case - maybe my comment can save you some frog-time... Especially since you're already a bit worried that the vest is going to be too big as it is... have fun!!!!