Friday, March 03, 2006

Ut Oh

There goes the yarn diet! Damn you Knitpicks!!!!

Plus I was at Knitty and they had their surprise patterns up. I *heart* Starsky. How cool is that? And it's made with 11ish skeins of Sierra, meaning you can knit it up for less than $50. More coolness.

Must. Resist. New. Yarns.

On another note, Elspeth asked me about the Yarncoop I mentioned previously. It's a Yahoo group put together so that individuals can purchase yarns, needles and accessories at greatly discounted prices. You join the group and find a coop you are interested in (there are usually 2-3 running at any one time). You place your 'order' with the person running the coop, then you pay that person. When the shipment comes in, it goes to the coop-mom and she disburses all the items. Discounts can range from 10%-60% off retail prices. The tradeoff is you must be patient. One of my coop orders took 3 months to get in, but I saved 50% off the MSRP so I was willing to wait! A recent order only took about a month, and the discount was 40%.

Yarns cooped have included Henry's Attic, Furryarns, 100purewool, Interlacements, and Fleece Artist. Another recent coop was for accessories (like counters, needles, etc.).

Anyways, it's a fun group to hook up with and the deals are pretty good if you can be patient!


Elspeth said...

What a cool idea! My knitting group went in on some Rowan books, but to have a consistent group to buy together -- I'd never stop buying!