Sunday, March 12, 2006

serves ya right

There's something wrong with my right wrist.

Something Really Wrong.

Little Man and I were roughousing on the couch yesterday and he jumped on my arm the wrong way, hyperextending my wrist. OUCH. I gave such a holler of pain that he and Monkey Boy both stopped playing immediately, their faces shocked and scared.

Once I explained that Mommy wasn't yelling that them, that she'd hurt her wrist, they were much relieved. LM came over and gave me 'ouchie kisses' to make my arm feel better. Unfortunately that didn't work very last night my right wrist was seriously painful- to the point that I couldn't knit. *gasp*

Fellow knitters, you all know how bad my injury is if I'm not knitting!

This morning it was only nominally better. I asked the Dearest to rub in some arnica gel and my wrist finally started feeling less stiff. It's still difficult for me to pick up heavy objects with my right hand, but at least I can hold Monkey Boy without dropping him.

I've hyperextended both my wrists before while playing hockey, so I know there's not much to be done except wait for my current injury to heal. Luckily I was able to comfortably knit a few rows this afternoon despite the stiffness. For a few worried hours last night, I was seriously contemplating what would happen if I couldn't knit anymore. *shudder*

BTW the Shamrock Shakes are back at McD's! Now, I don't usually enjoy visits to the Evil Empire, but I will admit that they have the world's best Coke (and I'm a Pepsi girl normally), and their Shamrock Shakes are delish! LM insisted on McD's for lunch this afternoon and I caved only because I knew I could get a shake.

When we got home, I put Monkey Boy down for his nap, and Little Man was quickly ushered into his room for quiet time. Then I settled down to read my Bloglines and drink my shake. YUM
shamrock shake