Monday, March 27, 2006

SPT 03/27/106

Today's Self Portrait Tuesday image:
"My Day in Two Hour Increments"
Self Portait Tuesday

8am: Missed this shot cuz I couldn't find the camera. Just imagine me looking more disheveled than usual, trying in vain to pull the blanket over my head for 10 more minutes of sleep while Little Man jumps up and down on me, squealing "Get up Momma! Get up Momma!"

10am: Driving on the toll road, already late to a birthday party. At least it's a nice day!

12pm: Little Man and Monkey Boy in the Build a Bear store. Little Man is clutching his unstuffed bear while awaiting his turn at the "stufferteria". He didn't much like the noise of the "stufferteria" (a very loud whooshing sound) and refused to even look at his bear being stuffed. That was probably a good choice, since the stuffing process looks involves a large metal tube, much insertion into various bear orifices, and plenty of stuffing. The young lady doing the stuffing looked like she was having *way* too much fun with the poor little animals, if you know what I mean.

2pm: Riding on the train at the mall. This was Monkey Boy's first train ride and he *loved* it. Witness:
on the right track

4pm: Monkey Boy naps and Little Man is having his quiet time. I get to do the morning dishes (left out cuz we ran out of the house), and start preparing dinner.

6pm: Just finished the dinner dishes. Gotta run to the store!

8pm: Back from the store; just put Monkey Boy down for the night. Here's the view from our front door as it starts to rain.


amanda said...

You were still in bed at 8a.m.? I am so jealous. In fact so jealous I don't like you very much right now. Why don't you have your kids talk to my kids so I can get some sleep!?

HomeJewel said...

How cool is that - photo journaling for the day! And how did you get blogger to put your pictures like that? Did you load it onto blogger as one photo? Blogger has been such a pain for me lately.

Mary, Mary... said...

I love your stash, but I can really relate to that picture of the sink. Just turn your boys into 7&9 yrs old, throw in Little League and you've got my life.