Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lady Eleanor- fin!


Lady Eleanor- Finished!
obligatory "on the shoulders'" pose
(forgive the bad cropping and burning, I had to take this by myself and my tripod broke so the camera is resting on a side table)

tassles closeup

Lady E relaxes

FO report:

Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style.
9 balls of Noro Silk Garden, colorway 84 (reds)
Size US10 Clover (bamboo) circulars

I followed the pattern almost exactly, aside from substituting yarns. This was a really fun project- it was more entertaining than straight stockinette, but once I got the hang of it I was able to talk and knit with no problems.

Blocking was done by soaking in Eucalan woolwash for 1/2 an hour, then spin drying in the washing machine. I laid the Lady out on my bathroom floor with a towel underneath and she was dry by morning (about 8 hrs). No pins were used in blocking. I just stretched the stole lightly.

Some people have complained about the look of the SSK on each entralac square. I personally do a funky version of the SSK so my SSK sts always look a little weird. I was a little unhappy with the look, but once the stole was blocked it was all good.

My Lady E was about 58in unblocked and 68in blocked. Width went from 24 inches to 21 inches. She's the perfect size to wrap around my shoulders and I *love* the way she turned out. In fact I'm thinking of using some of my handspun for another one!


Laura said...

That is really beautiful. I love the tassels. Your Lady E makes me think of the way I imagine Morocco, if that makes sense. Maybe I shouldn't comment after drinking wine. LOL!

amanda said...

I love it! Great colorway -- it looks so rich. And the tassels are lovely. Job well done!

Christie said...

Very pretty! I love the tassels too...who doesn't love a tassel?

mamma said...

She it truly a thing of beauty.

Sophie_vf said...

It's wonderful! I'm glad you included the length and blocking information. Mine seems really short right now, and I'm on my eighth skein. So it's good to know it will grow! Did you save a whole skein for the tassels?

kimberly said...

That is gorgeous. The colors are wonderful!

Monica said...

Lady E looks gorgeous!

Elspeth said...

So gorgeous!