Thursday, March 23, 2006

not just knitting...

Yes, I've been knitting, though I don't have any pics to show you. The boys have been keeping me super busy lately and Monkey Boy dropped his morning nap so it's difficult to find time to take photos. I do have some spinning to show off....


This is the Project Spectrum roving I posted about previously. I spun up the whole 4.5 oz into singles and I'm thinking of plying it with this:
IMG_9468 copy

more BFL, about 4.5oz

Normally when I ply, I use the lazy kate that came with my wheel. But that means that I have to wait till I have both bobbins full before I can start plying. Some other spinners I know will ply from two center pull balls, which allows you to free up your bobbin immediately after spinning the first set of singles.

So that's what I'm going to try tonight- I'm hoping that it won't get totally tangled up! Wish me luck!