Monday, May 23, 2005

And here's the start of my Pinwheel Blanket knitted from Koigu Kersti #137 on US#6 needles.

I love working with the Koigu- it's such beautiful stuff. The pattern on the other hand...I had a heck of a time starting this blanket. It calls for you to cast on 5 sts, knit around and then do a round of K1, yarnover. I tried four different ways of casting on the stitches and I just could NOT get it going correctly. Finally I decided to CO on the 5 sts, knit one round, then do a couple of rounds of increases before starting my YO rows. That got me past the first few rows successfully, but at one point I had my work on all five of my DPNs AND a set of 16inch circs. I was knitting w/ANOTHER pair of circs. It was quite a hand full! I'm finally past all that and it's looking pretty good now. It's a fun pattern and pretty mindless once you get past the first few inches.


Kristi said...

That's a cute colorway. I had no idea that was Koigu. I used it for a lace project so I guess I didn't get to enjoy the colors in stockinette. I need to do that!