Saturday, May 28, 2005

I should know better

So I saw the One Skein Wonder on Knit N Tonic's blog and decided it would be a fun, quick knit. I was right, it *was* a fun, quick knit. Till this happened:

Notice how small that little wad (calling it a "ball" would be generous) of yarn is. Notice how this shrug is completely finished except for the ribbing trim. The ribbing trim which is supposed to be only 1 inch in width. The ribbing trim which is already one half an inch wide at this point. This is where I finally admitted that I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish the shrug.

The pattern calls for 150 yds of yarn and I had bought one 150yd skein of Blue Sky Organic Cotton. The whole time I was looking at the yarn, I was thinking "Buy two skeins, just in case." But did I listen to myself? Of course not.

Which is why I'm going to have to go to La Petite Knitterie tomorrow and pick up a second skein of yarn to finish this darned shrug. Argh.