Friday, May 20, 2005

More spinning

I haven't had much chance to knit, but I was able to spin this up while waiting for my MIL yesterday:

It's merino and tussah silk. YUM.

I was over at Felicia's blog and she was talking about using storage bobbins to store her singles instead of leaving them on the wheel bobbins. I had been wondering if I could so the same, since Lendrum bobbins are about $9US and I knew that there were less expensive plastic spools out there. After reading up on the links Felicia had provided, I decided to order some plastic spools from the Woolery along with the two spare Lendrum bobbins I was getting. (BTW It seems that I got the last two wheel bobbins they had! There's some shortage of bobbins for the Ledrum.)

Not sure yet how I'm going to wind onto the plastic bobbins. DH suggested using his old Makita hand drill, since it has variable speeds and a great low speed setting. I think I'll give it a try- if the drill doesn't work well I may have to buy one of these instead.

(Thanks to Felicia for enabling me-tho DH may not agree)


Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Anytime! Have fun with those storage bobbins! I just ordered a bunch for myself... BTW, I LOVE that merino/tussah you're spinning!

Kristi said...

Wow that is really pretty stuff. Good find!