Saturday, May 14, 2005

Felicia asked me how I liked my Lendrum and so far I'd have to say I really love it. I got to try out 2 Majacrafts before I got Ellie and I don't think Majacrafts are for me. They just didn't 'feel right'. Unfortunately, pickings are really slim when it comes to spinning/fiber sources here in So.Cali. so I never got to try any other wheels out. I would have liked to check out an Ashford Joy, but the nearest dealer is a good 2 hrs away.

One of my requirements for the wheel was that it had to be foldable/portable. I wanted to be able to put my wheel away if the munchkins got too interested in it. So that ruled out a lot of the other wheels (tho I looked longingly at the Kromski Minstral- such a pretty!). Also I wanted a wheel that would grow with me as I got to be a better spinner. I talked to other spinners and spent a lot of time at KR before deciding to get the Lendrum.


Morris said...

I'm old and could use a coat for summer. Can you knit me one?

Ask Morris

Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

That's what I've heard -- that you just have to try out the wheel and see how it "fits" you. Your spinning looks lovely! What are you using for dyes? I love the ingeo you're using! I have that on my list of fibres to try!