Sunday, May 08, 2005

Making progress on DH's sock. Too bad his foot is a size 11! I have to knit another 8 or so inches from here. Guess I shoulda married someone with smaller feet. I'm not so happy with the heel on this sock. I wasn't really following a pattern so I turned the heel using the usual 'heel formula' and the SSKs seem kind of loose. I might have to do a duplicate stitch to tighten them up.

I also started knitting another pair of socks out of some worsted weight wool that I hand dyed. I'm doing that pair on two size 3 circs, and I'm attempting to knit both socks at the same time. So far it's going ok- I was going to post a photo, but I'm scared to start moving them around too much, lest they get hopelessly tangled. LOL I have to admit, knitting w/worsted weight yarn is so much quicker than fingering!