Thursday, May 12, 2005

This is already fun....

So I took Ellie with me to the sit n stitch last night and thanks to (blogless) Lori and Karen's help, I was actually able to do some spinning. And it actually looks like it's supposed to!
Here it is: my first singles spun from the Coopworth roving sent with Ellie.

Kinda hard to see since the Coopworth is so dark. I think the fact that I learned to draft on the drop spindle really helped me; when I used Ellie I was just learning to draft a little faster while treadling. It reminds me of learning to drive a stick shift LOL

I think I will dye some roving different shades of red and then ply the Coopworth the red. I have ALOT of Coopworth- about 1 lb. worth. We were joking about the shape/size of the roving last night and we decided to call it the "Sausage O Roving". Lori thinks that I may have enough Coopworth for a pair of socks....