Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Aran? I can't even finish those darned Jaywalkers!

My Jaywalkers are cursed, cursed! I tell ya true. They are coming upon their fifth and probably last frogging. Like the &#@$ Silk Corset, this may just be a pattern that I will forever lust after but not be able to complete. Here is the sad evidence.

The heel flap is completed and the heel has been turned. I'd finally been able to get my foot thru the sock's cuff, so I thought I was home free.

Haha! The knitting gods laugh at my overconfidence. What happens when I try on the sock to make sure the heel is deep enough? I broke one of my DPNs.

SNAPOLA. Bye bye Brittney US2 DPN.

And the worst part is that I like to knit my socks using 5 DPNs....four for the sock and one to work with. So now I have a set of 4 DPNs that I probably won't use again. Well...maybe for a child's sock.

Right now the Jaywalker is in timeout in my knitting basket while I decide whether or not it's worth it to rip back the heel and maybe turn this into a pair of fingerless mitts or something. I"m so bummed because I *really* like this pattern (despite everyone in blogland knitting it). I may try again with some Socks That Rock- at least that will give me an excuse to buy more sock yarn!

On a happier note, check this out:

One of my Waving Lace socks is done. And it FITS! Woot! I'm probably going to cast on for the other one tonight.

(let's not speak of the awful Kitchner stitch toe)
And did you see? IK's new Spring Preview is up....I *really* like a couple of the projects. This is a pretty sweater

And these socks look like a lot of fun!

But before I go on to any other new projects, I should mention that I'm seriously thinking of knitting an Aran or fisherman's sweater. Not sure why, since I love in So. Cal and there's no reason to wear such a thick, warm knitted item. I've been haunting eBay, looking at old Aran patterns. I think it would be fun to do all those cables and twisted stitches in an aran weight yarn.


Elspeth said...

Those were some of my favorites from the new IK as well.

I have the same problem with the Silk Corset, but I haven't tried the Jaywalkers yet.

I love Brittany needles, because when I broke one awhile ago, I contacted them and they sent me back a whole new set! That's a lot better customer service than Crystal Palace, where I can't even find a name or address to contact.

Good luck if you try again!

Christie said...

I was going to suggest contacting the maker too. I'm sure they'll replace them for you.

Leigh said...

LOL. I have the curse of the Jaywalkes, too. I did most of the first one on 2's (because I enjoy the Bryspun dpns and they only go down to 2), and finally admitted after the heel turn that they were just too big. Went upstairs to grab the my 1's and the boy got a hold of one and broke it. Now, I'm magic looping on my size 1 circ....

amanda said...

Oh I love the waving lace socks!!! So sad about the Brittany...but finish the Jaywalkers. You will love them.

Obsessed with knitting said...

thanks for the tip on the new IK - I went to knitter's review and got the link
then I proceeded to say "Wow!" so many times my husband had to ask what was going on...
so many cute things!!
how great your wed at SS sounded!
Jenny brought her baby in to LPK and he slept under the table.
I didn't even see him at first!
did you ever get my email regarding the extra KP yarn - please let me know what you need - whatever you want is yours!
hope to see you soon!

Cecilia said...

If you don't have luck with Brittany, try this site.
It's an orphan needle swap meet of sorts.