Sunday, January 01, 2006

Baaaaa baaaaa (like a sheep)

Yes, I have joined in with the rest of blogworld to knit Grumperina's Jaywalker Socks. Fun pattern- just enough thinking involved to keep me from falling asleep while knitting, but not so much thinking that I can't carry on a chat.

Good things? It's quick and easy and I don't need the pattern to keep track of where I am.

Bad things? This afternoon I was knitting away quite happily when I realized that I somehow dropped a stitch several rows down. Ok, no problem. Just unravel on down to that dropped stitch, pick everything up and keep on knitting.

Nice plan, but the execution was lacking. First off, Little Man decided to use me a trampoline while I was trying to pick up the stitches. And y'all know how much fun it is to pick up fingering weight stitches with US1 needles. Then I was off on my stitch count and had to do a bunch of M1s and K2togs before everything was put right.

So I put the boys to bed and am sitting on the sofa happily knitting and watching the Twilight Zone Marathon when I attempt to try on the sock for the first time.

It doesn't fit.


I had made the smaller size of the pattern, casting on 76 sts, which is my normal amount of stitches for a fingering weight sock. I guess I forgot all about the pulling in effect of the Jaywalker pattern.


Here is my Jaywalker pre-frogpond.

I re-cast on and this time I'm using US2 needles and doing the larger size. If these are too big for me, I'll give them to my sister who wears a size larger shoe.