Sunday, January 29, 2006

"Will Work for Fiber"

Yesterday morning I was at LPK bright and early for a product shoot. We were taking pics of some knitted items for pattern booklets that they'll be selling at the shop.

It was a lot of fun to shoot a model who actually takes direction! Most of the time I have to chase my subjects around, crawl all on the floor, get drooled or peed on, and make funny faces to maintain eye contact. Not this time! Our model, Amy, was gorgeous and super easy to work with.

After the shoot Lori (the lady who is publishing the patterns) wanted to write me a check for my fee. I reminded her that we were bartering- my photography for her handdyed rovings. So I got to go diving into her big box of luscious fiber and look what I brought home! YUMMMM

I got three different colorways of alpaca/BFL/silk rovings (the purple hanks, the green hanks and the pink/purple hanks), and two balls of lovely BFL in purples, blues and reds.

Now the tweedy red merino/mohair that I've been spinning looks pretty boring! How long do you think it's going to be before that bobbin gets changed out for one of these?


Kristi said...

Wow I REALLY likes the greens..and the purples too. :)

Leigh said...

So pretty... I love Lori's stuff. I really gotta splurge and buy myself some.