Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mail call!

Dontcha lurrrve eBay?? I do! I especially like being able to buy stuff from the UK....like these 8 balls of Cashsoft from Rowan. I"m going to use them for this free pattern from Elann.

And the seller threw in this little Rowan mag...isn't that sweet?

Not sure when I'm going to start this particular pullover, but I had to have the yarn since it was at least $2 a ball cheaper than the price at any of the local LYS (if I could find enough in my colors). I normally like to support LYS- all of them!- but it was hard to find this particular color of Cashsoft. One LYS actually had the right color, but not enough balls of it.

I'm giving the Jayalkers one more try in a different sock yarn. Maybe I'll start on this pullover when I'm done.


Christie said...

Me likey that pattern! Can't wait to see yours so I can decide if I will make one for moi! Oh, happy belated birthday!

Elspeth said...

How cute! Ebay is really addicting. I try to support my LYS, but none of the many we have have the yarn I want! They all have the same yarns, which seems useless to me.