Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's bliss?

Coming home to an *empty* house. I had a shoot today and my babysitter normally only stays till 2pm. That usually means that I barely have time to finish my session and run home. But today she's staying till 3pm so she took the boys to the park and the house was beautifully quiet when I walked in the door.

I actually got to eat my lunch and read the newspaper by myself for the first time in probably a year! Woot!

What else is bliss? How about starting another project? I have been eyeing Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style for a long time (check out this beauty!). One of the talented knitters from LPK showed up wearing a LE that she'd knit in Noro and it was absolutely gorgeous. She said it took about 10 balls of Noro Silk Garden to complete the stole.

I counted out my Noro stash and I have 6 balls of Silk Garden in colorway 84. Plus I a tank top that I knitted previously and want to rip- that has 5 balls in it. So if I rip the top, I should have enough to knit Lady Eleanor with some left over.

Last night I met with blogless Joyce at the Sheared Sheep, and we went thru the whole entralac instructions together. I'd tried it before and always got all bolluxed up, but with Joyce's help I was able to finally make sense of the pattern. I'll probably be casting on for LE right after I get done with this entry (and before the boys come home!).


Elspeth said...

I love days (hours?!) like that! Wow, 10 skeins of Noro for a stole -- that's a big investment but it'll be beautiful!

Christine said...

Lucky you! Seems I am being sent to Vegas and then Cabo by myself next week! I am worried about the hubby being with the kids though... ;) Can't wait to see Lady Eleanor!

Anonymous said...

I'm down with that! I'm currently experiencing this bliss! All alone with a sleeping newborn, blogging and looking through my stash...