Monday, January 02, 2006

The Sheared Book, er Sheep

I had a little free time coming to me today, as the Greatest was taking down the Christmas tree with the boys. So I decided to head over to the Sheared Sheep, a new yarn shop that I'd heard about.

It was a lot closer than I thought- only about 15 minutes away- and pretty easy to find. Funnily enough, the owner Lisa was once part of the same knitting group that I attended at Yarn Lady. So we recognized each other right away and had some fun catching up on each others' lives.

The shop is nice and cozy and they have a Wednesday knit night which I may just have to attend occasionlly since I know a couple of other knitters who go there. It was nice to have a good selection of patterns; she carries some really fun Knitwits and Stitch Diva patterns.

The Kid Seta was calling my name, but since I have a quite a bit of Kidsilk Haze already stashed, I went with a book purchase instead.

So The New Knitting Stitch Library is now mine. I was little frustrated that the book didn't lay flat when I was looking at the charts inside and had an "ah ha" moment. On the way home I stopped at the local Kinkos copy shop and had them cut the spine off and apply a coiled binding.

The cover looks a little chopped, but everything inside is fine. And now the book lies perfectly flat. Woot!


Michelle said...

I didn't realize we were in the same area! I'm going to the Sheared Sheep in a few weeks.

What a great idea for the Knitting Stitch Library!