Thursday, September 07, 2006


Little Man came down from his quiet time while I was stringing buttons for a necklace. After watching me, he asked if he could make a necklace too. I gave him a tapestry needle, some embroidery floss and a bag of the vintage buttons. Here's the final product after nearly an hour of intense concentration on his part:
handmade by him

He also used scraps of fabric and some tiny little bells to make his necklace "more beautifuler". There was a lot of skipping and jumping involved in the first wearing of the necklace because LM said he wanted it to make lots of jingles, too.

The best part was when we looked in the mirror together and he announced "Now I look pretty like you, Momma!"

Oh, and here's my necklace (apologies in advance for the crappy flash pic, but I could only take it after the kids were in bed)-

button necklace

The instructions I attempted to follow were so bad that I eventually just made it up as I went along. After a couple of false starts (and some bad language), it started coming together. LM insisted that I use the blue heart bead (because blue is his favorite color and "momma likes hearts"). I think it lends just the right touch of whimsy.


Liz K. said...

Those are both some nice looking works of art!

HomeJewel said...

That's a great activity for little ones. I love it when a child will get lost in time as they are involved in a creative project! So sweet that he wants to be like mama :)