Friday, September 08, 2006

washing dishes, boy style

It's often difficult for me to the dishes these days. Monkey Boy always drags a chair over to the sink and tries to 'help' me wash- meaning he gets in the way, splashes yucky dishwater all over and spills soap on the floor.

Or he 'helps' me load the dishwasher by taking out everything that I put in. Some days loading the dishwasher is an exercise in how fast I can throw in the dishes and slam the door shut before he comes looking for dirty steak knives.

Fun times, I tell ya!

Yesterday I was doing the dishes and hit upon a solution to keep him entertained while I cleaned. I poured some water and suds into a big plastic bin, put it on some towels in the middle of the kitchen floor and gave both the boys some plastic dishes and sponges. I figured that the towels would catch most of the overspill (and we have tile floors besides).

The boys were excited to play 'dishwashing' and I congratulated myself on my quick thinking as I leisurely cleaned the real dirty dishes. Then I looked over and saw this:
washing the dishes
Oh well, I thought, at least he won't need a bath today!


Carla said...

Now thats some mama thinking on the fly :)
We did this once with my two year old and a water table. We turned our backs for a few minutes to help set up a picnic table, turn back around and hes SITTING IN THE WATER TABLE ;)
Kids can think on the fly too!

Beck said...

That is so funny! At least your idea kept him occupied, even if it wasn't the way you first intended.

amanda said...

Too funny and too cute! Aren't kids fun?

sopranospinner said...