Tuesday, September 12, 2006

make: pizza!

To celebrate Little Man's first day of preschool, we had homemade pizza last night. The Dearest and I recently tried the new Greek Pizza at CPK and found it to be delicious. Unfortunately neither of us likes raw onions and the pizza topping had a lot of raw onions in it. The topping is premixed so they can't take the onions out.

Luckily our local Trader Joe's is always well stocked with fresh pizza dough and all the accoutrements for the making of our own Greek Pizza:

First, make sure your sous chefs spread out enough flour to coat themselves and the kitchen floor as well as the counter. Like so:

Next, toss the pizza dough:
future pizza throwerfuture pizza thrower 2
(the Dearest has this down pretty well)

Slap directly on a HOT bbq- 3 minutes for the first side, 5 minutes on the second side (or till it starts to bubble). Flip and toss on a bit of mozzarella cheese. Remove from BBQ when the crust is nicely browned.

Throw salad of chopped seedless cucumbers, cooked chicken, feta cheese, ripe tomatoes & kalamata olives right on the warmed crust. Top with homemade tzatziki sauce.

Cut and eat so quickly that no photos are taken of the finished product.

However, here are the doughboys eating the "pizzas" they made (LM had a snowman complete with eyes and mouth, MB had a 'ghost'/slab of dough):
the finished product



amanda said...

That sounds absolutely fabulous!