Saturday, September 30, 2006

lazy day skirt

Sewing a skirt has been on my to-do list for the last few weeks. I had the perfect pattern & was just finding the time to drag out the sewing machine.

I thought I'd have time to do some sewing during the day once Little Man started school. Preschool goes from 12:30 to 3pm and I figured Monkey Boy would be napping during almost all that time. What I didn't bargain for was MB's recently acquired ability to scale the side of his crib. After nearly having a heart attack watching him jump from the crib rail, we took the rail down. Of course that meant that he no longer went to sleep quietly during nap time. Instead he was in and out of his crib at least 50 times during the first few days. Eventually he stopped getting out of bed, but then he'd only nap for an hour instead of his usual 2-3 hrs..

But this past Thursday, MB actually went down quickly and stayed asleep for nearly two hours. Woot! His extended nap gave me time to set up my sewing machine and whip out a skirt:


It's my first skirt and I learned a lot. Like next time, omit the yoke- the skirt will fit me better if it simply falls straight from my waist. I also got lazy and instead of hemming the bottom, stitched about 1/2 inch from the unfinished edge and then used pinking shears to cut the excess fabric off. It will probably still fray, but not as bad as a straight edge. Besides, the frayed look is in, right?

Lazy Day Skirt
Fabric- discontinued Kaufmann, purchased at Jenny's Fabrics for $2.00/yd
Pattern- Simplicity "Easy to Sew" 4543, view C
Time to sew- approx 2hrs
My changes- I used 1/2in elastic for the waist instead of the called-for drawstring.


HomeJewel said...

How cute is THAT! Great job :)

kimberly said...

OH I know what you mean about taking down the rail on MB's crib-we took Alida's down two weeks ago. ugh
I love that fabric!!

Obsessed with knitting said...

SUPER CUTE! nice job!