Tuesday, September 19, 2006

plays with beans

Recipe for 45 minutes of peace and quiet:

Four 1lb bags of beans, all different sizes and colors

One bucket of toy cars/bulldozers/trucks

One large tablecloth

Two boys

bean play

(I wish I could say that the 45 minutes was spent laying around, relaxing....but instead I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly. bleh)


Leigh said...

I have got to try that!

LLA said...

This is a great activity - and you get huge props because most moms don't want to do this one at home (too much cleanup)!

A somewhat similar activity that little guys like is playing with shaving cream! They can drive their trucks through, and then rinse them off. If they get all shaving creamy - just hose 'em off or throw 'em in the tub! They can "fingerpaint" with it - if you squirt a little shaving cream on the inside of the opened dishwasher door, it's not even too terrible. The open door is a good table height for little guys, and you can just close the door on all the mess! It gets washed down the drain the next time you run the dishwasher...

I love seeing how much fun you have with your little ones...