Thursday, September 28, 2006

things that make me happy Thursday

1. Jazz hands as performed by my small men-
Jazz Hands!Jazz Hands!

2. new shoes-

my new sneaks

3. Monkey Boy's toddlerspeak-
"joo-bok" juice box
"peese" please
"try" let me do it
"sowwy" sorry
"cheen" chin
"ambi" Amber
"ba-baab-bee-buider" Bob the Builder
"choo choo" train
"wash" carwash
"alll deen" all done

4. carpooling with my funbus
all aboard the funbus

5. homemade chocolate chip cookie with a cold glass of milk

6. from scratch split pea soup (tonight's dinner) with fresh bread

7. my small men, getting along instead of clobbering each other

playing together


amanda said...

looks like it was a great Thursday!

Liz K. said...

I can't tell you how refreshing your posts are. You are so in-the-moment, so very aware of the joy of your day-to-day life. Too often, I see Moms who are just stressed out and annoyed.

The wonderful thing is that as The Mom, you set the tone for your family, and I'm sure they feel the love and joy in your home too.

It's truly inspirational.

Elspeth said...

How old is Monkey Boy? Because my youngest, Ian, is 2 and one of his favorite quotes is Bob the Builder too, but it's not nearly as clear as Monkey Boy's! But I do hear a B then a D sound then a B sound so I can guess!