Saturday, December 30, 2006

all the fam-damily

We visited with the Dearest's side of the family today....he comes from a rather large Irish Catholic clan (he's #9 of 10 kids). When they get together, it is always a loud, fun and exhausting day. There were easily 30 adults at the party, at least six or seven teens and a whole passel of little kids.

Little Man and Monkey Boy loved playing with all their cousins. It's interesting to watch the older kids showing the young ones how to play....


Also fun to see the teenager who is 'too cool' take the time to blow bubbles for the littles....

oooo! more bubbles!

There were cupcakes, gifts for the birthday girl, and lots of running around. I'm sure SIL's house is a sticky mess, but it was worth it to see everyone having so much fun. Thanks, A, for having us all over!

Finally, a photo of Little Man and Monkey Boy on their favorite toy of the day, a red plastic slide...

down the slide the hard way

Some more photos here.