Wednesday, December 20, 2006

thanks for all the good wishes

I am feeling ever so much better.

Not 100% yet, but today is a vast improvement over yesterday. The Dearest said he knew I was feeling bad yesterday when I called him around noon and begged him to come home early.

I've been taking it easy today....the only thing I really had to do was carpool the kids to school. That wasn't too bad, and I was able to rest most of the day. Unfortunately the house has really suffered- I shudder every time I go down to the kitchen. Sometimes I don't know what's worse- being sick or having to clean up the mess after I've been sick? I'm putting off the big cleanup till tomorrow.

Plus there's still the issue of Christmas gifts to make. I have three more tote bags to throw together for the neighborhood kids. I'm hoping to make those tomorrow night when I have a little more energy. Other than that, my Christmas shopping is done. Tho I will have to hit the local big-box store on Friday for last minute supplies (I don't even want to go near that place Saturday or Sunday). Maybe I'll be recovered enough by then to brave the crowds.

And thank you for all the get well wishes I got thru comments and emails....I thinkthat good energy has definitely helped me get better faster.