Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yarn ahoy!

Ahoy! Intrepid Yarn Aboard2 explorers Lewis and Clark showed up at my doorstep yesterday, bearing many goodies from the wonderful Margene at Zeneedle. There were so many goodies that I can't believe the box actually shut! So here is the haul-

lookit all that kit!
beautifully packaged with a little card

more fun stuff
a cute little fabric pocket stuffed with a noepad, fun post-its,
yummy mints and a Yarn Aboard-themed file from Carolina Homespun
(Margene, how did you know that I'm always looking for a nail file?)

just what I needed
cuticle cream (my cuticles definitely needed this!) and bath salts

cute goodies
sweetly decorated candies (I had to hide from the small men) and a fun
sheepy ornament (already hanging on the tree)

beautiful fabrics for the stash

Christmas-y lollies for the small men
(they were eaten within moments of this photo being taken)

and the grande finale:
STR Dutch Canyon
a skein of Socks that Rock in Dutch Canyon- luscious colors and the yarn is so soft!
Can't wait to get knitting on this!

Margene, thanks again for all the wonderful goodies!!! And thanks to Amanda for making this swap possible!

Now, my turn to pack Lewis & Clark up and send them on their way....who will they visit next?


Carla said...

Wow! Amazing booty, but I have to say, my absolute favorite part is the booty nail file!

margene said...

Wonderful! So glad you like the booty and the boys enjoyed their treats, too. It was fun to find things to spoil you with and I hope you have many hours of sewing and knitting fun ahead!

amanda said...

oh my! what an amazing box of goodies! the fabric and yarn are just lovely and then the other goodies too -- it's fantastic. enjoy!

sprite said...

What a great box of stuff! And your photography really does it justice!