Saturday, December 09, 2006

i guess i can't complain...cuz it's free

Blogger that is.

It seems that everyone and their dog is upgrading to Blogger Beta. Beta is supposed to give you some cool features like the ability to tag/categorize your posts, more control over commenting, etc.. I've been wanting to switch because I really wanted to be able to tag posts and also get email addys for people who comment to my blog. I like to reply to comments, but Blogger doesn't require email addys & a lot of readers who comment don't leave their email. So there's no way for me to reply to them....or it takes a bit of digging (figuring out if they have a blog and a way to contact them on the blog). The problem with upgrading to Beta is that you have to wait for Blogger to allow you to switch- you can't just do it yourself. Up to now, I haven't had the offer to switch.

But today I logged on to post my Saturday Sky photo and my Blogger Dashboard says I can upgrade. Woot! Off I go to upgrade and ......

"Your blog is too large to update at this time. We are working on a way to upgrade larger blogs (with 1000 or more posts). Please be patient."

Well phooey on you-y, Blogger!

I guess I'll just have to make do with 'old' Blogger till they figure out how to get big blogs to upgrade. (And I never realized I had so many posts!)


Leigh said...

Dang! 1000 posts!

I didn't realize they were only letting people switch in shifts. I've been allowed to move for months, but I've been too lazy to bother.