Thursday, December 07, 2006

love thursday

-hot matzo ball soup (I pretty much follow this method, but I add egg noddles for the small men)

-hearing Monkey Boy say "yummmeee" when he eats his soup

-getting to carpool pickup at the preschool early enough to catch a glimpse of Little Man on the playground. Love to watch how he plays and interacts with the other kids when I'm not around. So funny!

-Disneyland in December- we visited on Monday and it was wonderful. Lines were mellow enough for us to try two new rides with the small men. The weather was lovely (cool and sunny). And there are enough lights, ornaments and tinsel spread around to decorate a small country.

-garden gnomes:

garden gnome

-sliding my cold feet under the warm quilt at bedtime

-snuggling on the couch with Monkey Boy after he wakes up from his nap

what are you loving this Thursday?


Anonymous said...

Joe coming home early from school tonight.
My new crock pot.
Audrey responding with "I love you Mommy" (instead of repeating "I Love You Audrey".
Isabel showing off each and every Cheerio she's about to eat.
Being done Christmas shopping!

amanda said...

he's precious!!!

and i'm loving my little frog prince trying to show me how much he loves me -- he stretches his arms wide and says it over and over.

Anonymous said... your mail box. Explorers of reknown are coming your way.