Thursday, December 28, 2006

love thursday (the holiday edition)


cookie making
- making cookies with the boys for gift giving

-listening to Little Man explain to Monkey Boy how the gears on the train set work

-the sweet, luscious smell of top of Monkey Boy's head when I'm rocking him to sleep

-gift cards (new boots for free! woot!)

-being lucky enough to have a wonderful MIL (mother in law) who will watch the small men for a couple of hours so I can hit the mall for after-Christmas shopping

-my new jacket

-the smell of bread baking

-hearing the wind and rain on the windows while I'm snuggled under a quilt with my knitting, watching a Law & Order, CI marathon

-my lil' photog:
lil' photog

-the Dearest (who uncomplainingly put up with my crazy family all year long)

-clean kitchen counters (we'll see how long that lasts)

-my new iPod dock for the van- thanks to the Dearest who was probably tired of hearing me complain about not being able to use my iPod while driving. Love it- now I can listen to audiobooks in the car, too.

And what are you loving this thursday?


Antoinette4 said...

Still loving the fact that I wake each morning with no aches or pains.

Love that first cup of coffee.

Our spoiled rotten dog.

Each and every grandchild!