Saturday, December 02, 2006

help me, i'm blogging and i can't stop!

"They" say is takes 30 days to make an activity become a habit. That is, after doing the same thing for 30 days, it become a habit and it will stick with you for the long run.

I think I have a habit and it's called NaBloPoMo-itis. Symptoms? Constantly thinking of things to blog about (like in the grocery store yesterday, when the checker wouldn't. stop. talking. I kept thinking this conversation would make the funniest blog post. Of course as soon as I left the store I'd forgotten what the heck he kept talking to me about.) The biggest symptom is the urge to blog on a daily basis. It's not a horribly disfiguring disease, but it can be annoying nonetheless. I'm hoping to be recovered soon. :)

On another note- I'm one of the YarnAboard2 participants and evidently there have been mucho problemos with the swappers this round. Each person receives a box with goodies in it in the mail. You have seven days to pack the box with different goodies and pass it along to the next person on the list. The first round of YA went wonderfully and I hade a great time.

The second round grew so large that the hostess Amanda had to send out multiple boxes. At first it was all going well, but in the past month several of the boxes have been hijacked. In other words they were received by the swappers, but never passed on. So the swappers got their yarny goodies but the next people on the list got nothing.

Now, I know that Life sometimes gets in the way of things like swaps. Totally understandable. If you have something going on that's eating up all your energy, it's hard to get into the spirit of swapping. But how hard would it be to spend 30 seconds emailing the swap hostess and telling her you can't participate as planned. And how about sending the box on instead of keeping it? Because keeping it means you're a thief IMO.

I feel so bad for Amanda- her patience has got to be wearing thin. One of the swappers in question has hijacked TWO boxes. Awful. I'm of the opinion that we should have a public blog where bad faith swappers can be posted....that way if you are running a swap you'll know who to watch out for.

And of course if you visit the blog(s) of the Bad Swappers in question, they have either stopped posting completely or cowardly enabled comment moderation so no one else can see how much bad karma they're setting themselves up for.

I'm a big believer in 'what comes around goes around' (credit my Buddhist granny)....I'm sure there's some really nasty knittery karma headed to those Bad Swappers. Just so.


Leigh said...

I belonged to a list serve group that did a swap like this, lost all three boxes, and then started the swap again like 6 months later. At which point I left the list, because it just annoyed me.

I have joined hat and sock exchanges which seem to go much more smoothly because one person can't crash the entire group.

Elspeth said...

I thought there was something like that - Amanda should contact the SP 9 hostesses and maybe they can point her to it. I understood that there was a "black list" somewhere for blog related swaps. That sucks, I can't believe someone would keep two boxes!

Beck said...

I just don't understand these people that get boxes and don't pass it on. You're right, they are thieves. I am doing a purse swap and have had to get on people's backs a lot about stuff. I wonder why considering we're all adults and should be able to keep up with our responsibilities.

Carla said...

What is just astounding in the whole drama is this twit that has caused Amanda so much trouble this week, refuses to recognize what a bad person she is. Shes beyond rude and childish, shes a thief. Moreover, how she seems to insist that shes right and make herself out to be a victim makes me question her mental health.

amanda said...

It has been a really strange ride this last week but after a nice glass of wine and a good night of sleep I feel much better about it. The sad thing is that a few bad apples are messing it up for the large number of great participants!

BTW you were in line for the Marco box and he WILL be coming! I'm making lemonade outa lemons bay-bee!!!!!