Monday, April 11, 2005

An amazing, disturbing and fascinating blog: PostSecret.

On the knitting front, I'm still working on the mate to my Classy Slipup sock . It's slow going, mostly because I can only work on it during the day. The yarn is dark and the needles are tiny so I get a headache if I try to knit at night. And it's hard to knit much during the day when you're a mom to two little ones- usually I'm so busy chasing Little Man around and feeding/changing Monkey Boy that I hardly have time to visit the restroom, much less knit.

I've been spinning at least 1/2 an hour every day for the past few days. The consistency of my yarn is getting a lot better and I've gotten the hang of Andean Plying. The big problem I'm having is that my plied yarn is much larger in gauge than I need if I'm going to make socks. So now I"m going to try some singles yarn and see how that goes.

(I need a wheel)

(I need a wheel)

(I WANT a wheel)