Sunday, April 17, 2005

A frozen Frapp is better than no Frapp at all....

I have been craving a Starbucks Mocha decaf Frapp (no whip) for a couple of days now; it's so difficult to get my cravings fulfilled because I can't go into Starbucks with the boys in tow. It's just too much work to get them in and out of the car for a 5 minute trip into the coffee shop. Plus Little Man inevitably wants his own drink (usually hot chocolate or some of my Mocha Frap- yes I know how much sugar is in those me a bad mommy, whip me with some tempeh and report me to CPS).

Anyways, DH was headed out the door this afternoon and offered to pick up something from Starbucks for me. Lovely man.

When he got home with the drinks, we were in the midst of preparing dinner so I stuck my Frapp into the freezer. Now it's 2 hrs later and my Frapp is frozen practically solid. Do I care? Nope! I'm happily sucking up my Frapp slushy and blogging while DH gives Little Man a bath.

Ahhhh...simple pleasures.... (notice the label on the cup..LOL)+