Tuesday, April 26, 2005

KnitPicks' new yarns...

Knitpicks has some new yarns up on their site.


Too late. I already ordered some Shine (60% cotton, 40% Modal) to make Little Man this. I already have the Zoe Mellor book and am working on the Little Star Sweater, but I think the Funky Tank Top will be a quick knit for the summer/fall. I'm not a big fan of pure cotton- it just feels so stiff to me. Hopefully the synthetic in the Shine will help to loosen the cotton up.

Dancing sock yarn looks like a lot of fun. I can almost feel some of the Sock Memories in my itchy little fingers right now....Not like I need more sock yarn!

They also have some new novelty yarns- Twist looks like it would be fun to use for summer tank top. I'm impressed with Knitpicks' new offerings. The prices are really reasonable and so far I've been happy with the quality of everything I order from them.

I was over at Leigh's page and saw her gorgeous new Dove Shawl. So pretty! I'm seriously tempted to start on something like that....just gotta get at least one or two of my current UFOs done.


Beck said...

I've been eyeing the Shine as well. I haven't ordered from Knitpicks yet - I've been good (not for long though). The Twist looks interesting too. I like the look of the 'parrot' and 'spumoni' colors.