Wednesday, April 06, 2005

To celebrate my newly working card reader, here is a finished sock. I'm still working on the second one- they're in Knitpicks' Sock Garden (Pansy colorway).

I used the Classy Slipup pattern from "Knit Socks" . I like the book, but the pattern was pretty awful. If I hadn't knit socks before, I would have been totally lost- there are a couple of spots where they fail to tell you really important things like turning the sock inside out or right side in to work the heel. This is a traditional "french heel" whatever that means. I just followed the directions and hoped it would work out. Socks are such a knitting on faith kind of thing, aren't they?

The sock fits me perfectly- I can't believe how comfy it is, too. Now I know why people rave about handknit socks!