Thursday, April 14, 2005

I spent a couple of hours this AM dying rovings and yarn. I needed more roving for the singles I'm spinning (hopefully for a pair of socks for me), and the yarn I just dyed for the heck of it. :) I'll try to post some photos later today after everything is washed and hanging up to dry.

Last night I hit a friend's house for a Knit Nite get-together. What a lot of fun! I always love going to them because the ladies are members of the same mom's club and we end up discussing the most funny and amazing things. Our conversations run the gamut from kids (of course) to sphincter bleaching (yikes!).

I was working on my Noro tank top and got all the way thru the bindoffs for the armholes, went to count and realized I'm 10 sts short. Serves me right for trying to actually concentrate! I can never do anything complicated at a knit nite- I *always* get messed up because too much is going on.

I also got to try my friend's Majacraft Suzie spinning wheel. Bad idea. It made really really want a wheel of my own. How long do you think I can hold out against the Dark Side? LOL