Thursday, April 07, 2005

Spring Knitty is up!

The spring Knitty just came out and I already want to make three things from it. I need more arms to knit with LOL.

Ribbon XBack is calling my name as I have 10 balls of lovely ribbon yarn in my stash. I've been eying different tanks but nothing looks as good as the XBack. I'm just wondering how I"m going to wear a bra under that tank....

I really like Tie One On too. I have a bunch of hand dyed yarn in fingering weight that *needs* to be knit into something and I love the way TOO looks.

Soleil looks like an easy knit but it's got the pretty lacework at the bottom to spruce it up a little. I also have some suitable yarn in my stash for this pattern.

Ok. I really DO need more arms...and more needles to knit with! Especially since I have about 15 UFOs on lurking around my house and car. In fact I just found DH's unfinished vest in my car this morning. This is the vest I was supposed to have given him for Christmas last year. It's also the vest I was knitting on when I went into labor, which caused me to miscount my ribbing and mess the darn thing up. Instead of ripping back 4 inches, I just decided this thing is headed for the frogpond. Can you hear the rippit rippit?