Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Fiber Flash/Falling in with the Dark Side

I joined the Knittyboard fiber flash (scheduled for May 1st). It should be fun to see what everyone has in their fiber stashes....mine isn't too large but I'm currently still using my drop spindle. Wait till my wheel arrives!

(did you get that? "wait till my wheel arrives"!)

Yes, that's right: I'm joining the dark side. I ordered a Lendrum double treadle from the Woolery. I went ahead and got the 'complete' package, as well as the carry bag. Y'know- "In for an ounce, in for a pound".

The Woolery has the best price for the Lendrum, but the drawback is that they're currently backordered about 4 weeks. I wouldn't have minded getting one locally, but there's no local fiber/spinning retailers in So. Cali. The closest one is about a hour away and I can't take the time to drive 2 hrs round trip + time spent shopping for a wheel away from the boys. Especially not Monkey Boy (who wouldn't do well in the car for a hour or I'd take him). So I had to stick w/online retailers and the Woolery's price couldn't be beat. Plus one of my knitting buddies had ordred her Majacraft Rose from them and said they had wonderful customer service.

On the knitting front, I'm still working on my "Good Bias" shrug. The new IK has a ton of shrugs in it; everyone is calling shrugs the 'new poncho'. I hope not- I really dislike ponchos, but shrugs are wonderful IMHO. My upper arms are always cold and a good shrug works wonderfully to keep me warm. I like shawls but with two little kiddos, a shawl never stays put on my shoulders. I'm thinking of joining the Shrug KAL to keep myself motivated.