Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Little Frustrations....

I've been over at Knitpicks a couple of times over the past few days, filling my cart with some things that I needed. I really wanted at least one more pair of size 1 DPNs, and Knitpicks had a really good price for them, so I had two sets in my cart along with some size 2s and size 4s.

Finally last night I decide I'm going to check out and discover that the size 1 DPNs are out of stock till next week. ARGH. Serves me right for not placing my order right away.


I guess I'm going to have to wait to start my second pair of socks till I'm done with the current pair.

I also went ahead and joined the Shrug KAL. Now I'm anxiously stalking the mag aisle at my local Barnes and Noble for the new IK. The clerks are beginning to give my nervous looks because I'm always there!


Beck said...

Hi Sheree,
I'm a member of the Shrug KAL too, and clicked over to read your blog. I saw that you finished a clapotis with Shimmer Happy Dance from Knitpicks. Do you like the feel of it? I was eyeing this yarn (in the exact same color, funnily enough) for my own clapotis.

shizzknits said...

Shimmer makes a great Clapotis. I doubled the yarn since it's so fine (laceweight). I did the pattern exactly as called for and my Clap is quite a bit smaller than my friend's worsted weight version, but I like the lightweight silk/alpaca a lot. It's perfect for spring/summer.