Wednesday, January 17, 2007

FO report- Veste Everest

Veste Everest

FO Report: "Veste Everest"
Started 03/06, finished 01/16/07
Pattern: "Veste Everest" (size 40in) by Veronik Avery in Fall 2005 IK
Yarn: My own handspun; Brown Alpaca and silk plied with Chocolate Cherries roving handdyed by Lori Lawson (alpaca, silk & merino). Approx 850yds of light worsted weight yarn.
Needles: Addi Turbos for the body, Knitpicks Options for the neck and arm bindings
Pattern Talk: Like most Interweave patterns, this one was well written and easy to follow. The cable was a simple series of repeats. I had no problems following the pattern, or making modifications to it.

neck detail

My Mods: I lengthened the body by about 2 inches by doing extra repeats of the cable pattern on the front. The pattern calls for cabling on the back, but I figured that would be waste of time & effort (plus I'd have to spin more yarn) because no one looks at the back of a piece. So instead I did a simple 6x2 ribbing across the back. I fudged the math a little to make the back the same size as the front, but it all worked out. Since I changed the back, it took me *forever* to finish- I had to do more math to make the neck and shoulders fit the front correctly. I'm so math-adverse that I put the work aside for months instead of just jumping in and finishing it. If I'd done that, the vest would have been completed within a couple of months of starting it, instead of taking nearly a year to finish.
Veste Everest

Overall, I'm really pleased with the way the vest fits. The cables look great in my handspun, too.
cables closeup
With all the silk and alpaca, this vest is super warm. I don't know if I'll be wearing it with any long sleeved shirts any time soon! I do like the finished product a lot, though, and it's really cool to have produced a complete garment from my handspun.


Leigh said...

Beautiful! I wish I could spin consistently enough to cable with my handspun.

LLA said...

Wow - this is so lovely, and I am so impressed that you spun your own yarn! (that just sounds so seriously hardcore, y'know?)

margene said...

A vest in your own handspun!?! It is fabulous. Love the color, fit and the cables look fabulous! I aspire to your level in spinning.

HomeJewel said...

That vest is gorgeous! Love the colors. Great job!

Anonymous said...

It really did turn out great. I'm jealous of you knitting a garment that is truly wearable...

vknits said...

I admit I have been lurking for a few weeks now but I just had to post for this one, such beauuutiful exquisite colors of your own handspun wow its really fantastic. I love your blog and am absolutely blown away by your wonderful photography and craftiness. Great job!!

Obsessed with knitting said...

Your vest is beautiful - it looks even more beautiful in person - the colors!!! Ooh la la!

HPNY Knits said...

this is fantastic! knit with your own handspun! wow. lovely.

Anonymous said...

this is the best one I've seen. I've still got to lengthen mine...that makes it all the more wearable!

so pretty!!

Jerry said...

I found your blog because of a google serch for Lori Lawson. I took a spinning class from Lori before Christmas and hopefully will be getting a wheel soon. The vest is so very pretty, do you mind if I ask how long you have been spinning and are you one of the weekly spinners at LPK?