Thursday, January 11, 2007

love thursday & a request

this thursday, I'm loving:

-coming home to the smell of fresh baked choco chip cookies, especially if I didn't have to make them! (thanks, Dearest!)

fresh from the oven

-cool winter weather

-Little Man coming home from a playdate with the little neighbor girl, covered in glittery makeup (neighbor girl got play makeup for Christmas!). Hearing LittleMan tell me about how they played dress up and he was dressed 'like a regular person'.

-finding great books by reading other blogs. The small men are loving "Poetry Speaks to Children" and so am I. The illustrations are great fun and there are some rollicking poems in the book. We haven't even listened to the CD yet and the book has already become a favorite.

-on-line shopping! I hit all the great on line stores for after-Christmas sales and got some cool deals. The UPS guy is at my house practically every day now, as the packages roll in. On-line shopping: I can do it while the small men play, in the comfort of my own home and not have to drag them out to the mall. Throw in great deals and free shipping: What *isn't* there to love?

-finishing a project (Little Man's Pirate Hat) and starting another (socks for me). Love that feeling of expectation and excitement when I'm casting on.

-feeling not-sick after a month and a half of everyone being ill

-lunch out with the small men...they are getting big enough now that I can take them both to a restaurant and half-way enjoy a meal.

-playing trains with Monkey Boy:
day 10 of 365/photo a day
photo #10 of 365

-the anticipation of an upcoming date night with the Dearest

What are you loving this week?

Oh, and in case you haven't hit an announcement about National Delurking Week anywhere else, here's mine:

(graphic courtesy of Life with 4 Kids)

So you lurkers out there, leave me a comment! No more lurking! At least not for the rest of this week. :)


Mamma said...

I love, love, love, love, love Geotrax. But I think our train set is getting out of control. It takes up his entire bedroom floor, goes under his bed, into his closet, and we still couldn't find a place to put the airport.

MMMMMMMMM.........cookies sound good. Might have to make some so I can feel some cookie love of my own.

Woolfairy said...

What a great love Thursday! I never got the Geotrax since we are inundated with Brio Style trains (amazingly we have been collecting trains and tracks since Z was about 1 and we still only have 4 Thomas engines and the rest Brio or Brio compatible. And you wouldn't BELIEVE the size basket we have filled with trains and tracks. We actually have more stored away but the table isn't out anymore. It used to fill one of the big pull out drawers underneath.

And I am almost giddy about the winter(ish) weather. Almost freezing tonight supposedly. Maybe we'll even have a fire in the fireplace.

Margene said...

I lurk off and on;-)
Oh the cookies! I can smell them. Yum! Enjoy knitting a pair of socks for yourself.

LLA said...

wow - what's not to love about your Thursday!

happy, happy!

canknitian said...

De-lurking to say -- hey! Not sure if I've commented before, but I'm here pretty often. LOVE hearing (and seeing) about your family and knitting adventures!

Anonymous said...

Can I de-lurk? I read more often than I comment!

I'm loving that Isabel can play a kazoo, and that Audrey tells me "go this way" when we are in the car. (I'd love to see where we end up one day if I actually followed her directions!)

Sarita said...

I have commented..umm one other I am de-lurking from lurking again. I am just not a big commenter...but I love reading about your life and I am constantly inspired by your photos and projects. Thanks for sharing!

Robyn A. said...

I am sooooo guilty of lurking, which is wrong of me, since I love getting comments on my blog!

Oh...and I totally snagged your "love Thursday" post idea. :D

Emily said...

I'm no lurker! I just don't have much to say! Yeah, that's the ticket.

Your photography is so beautiful I would read your blog even without the knitting content. And that's saying something - I'm pretty single minded. :D

kimberly said...

Ok, I'm not really delurking because I have posted quite often so you should know I'm here watching, but for delurking sake here I write. :) I just wish I could taste one of those cookies!

Kimberly said...

that was me with that last comment

Janet said...

hah, y'know if I'd had bloglines, I would have known about national delurking week earlier... Not that I'm really a lurker anymore, just someone who's been a tad unorganised in her reading habits.

Love that photo of your boy playing on the floor,such intent and amazing light effect.

Rositta said...

Here's my comment, I don't lurk, great cookies I wish I had some ciao..