Sunday, January 21, 2007

hang in there

just a fyi- I'm wrestling with Blogger beta, which doesn't seem to like the changes I made to my previous template. I also tried installing Haloscan for comments, but now I can't get to any of the archived comments in Blogger.

*bangs head on desk*

Can y'all help a girl out and leave me a comment to make sure this damn thing is working? Does the blog layout look alright? I have Firefox and just want to make sure that all my tinkering didn't totally screw up the html for other browsers.

thank you much and we'll return you to your regularly scheduled program asap.

ps: LittleMan wanted me to 'put this on the computer', so here it is:

day 21 of 365
#21 of 365

ETA: Haloscan has been disabled until they figure out a way to install onto Blogger Beta without removing the exisiting comments.


Sarah said... is a comment. So far so good, as far as blogger goes. Hopefully they will figure out this whole Haloscan vs. archived comments thing...I have read some other blogs that are having the same problem!

Little Man's drawing is great...I see a freezer paper t-shirt in the future... :)

Other than that...the layout looks great on safari and on firefox!

Good luck!

LLA said...

Checked it out in both FireFox and Safari - and it looks great...

I thought the "upgrade" to BetaBlogger was a big old pain, too. Never have managed to get my stat tracker up and running again. peh.

On a happier note - how darling is LM's drawing????

Lynda said...

Looks good on my end! Excellent drawing Little Man!

a. said...

i'm in firefox too and it all looks "just so" and lovely as usual!

Robyn A. said...

I'm on Safari and all is well. I don't see anything different, but maybe that's a good thing. :D

HomeJewel said...

Never herad of Safari until reading these posts - learn something new every day. Looks great on Foxfire :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Robyn on Safari, and no problems at all!

Cute drawing from LM.

Obsessed with knitting said...