Thursday, January 04, 2007

love thursday

Today is cold and dreary....looks like rain but I doubt there will actually be any. Weather aside, here's what's I'm loving this week:

-recipes off the internet; I've found so many great, yummy recipes by consulting the great Google god. With such a huge variety of recipes to choose from and an almost instant way to sort them, I've pretty much given up on using my cookbooks. Yesterday in a fit of purging, I cleaned off the bookshelf in the kitchen, boxing up all the cookbooks except one or two favorites. Boy there those books dusty. I guess it's been a while since I've used them!

-purging our stuff. It feels great to look over a formerly cluttered shelf and see it clean & organized. Our house will never be model clean, but I prefer 'homey' over 'musuem-like' any day.

-homemade buttermilk biscuits, warm from the oven & spread with Plugra.


-taking the boys to get our 'popcorn popped' aka going to the chiropractor. Monkey Boy always laughs and laughs when he's getting adjusted- he says it "twickels". Little Man claims that he is taller when he leaves the chiro's office.

-fresh blueberries

-warm sheets out of the dryer; even better is pulling on a warm pair of jeans out of the dryer!

-listening to Little Man count as he gives me 15 kisses in a row

-my "little helper"; LM has been taking the ornaments off the tree and putting them in a pile to 'help' me clean up:
little 'helper'

-hanging out with friends at LPK on Wednesday nights. Great conversations, funny ladies and lots of laughs. The uninterrupted knitting time is a bonus.

-Monkey Boy's fascination with big shoes:
#3 of 365/photo a day

What are you loving this thursday?


Anonymous said...

I love that Audrey says "Oh Bother" (from Winnie the Pooh" when she's trying to figure something out.
And how Isabel will lean into you to give you as kiss with her mouth wide open, then chomp you with her two teeth!
And my new pots and pans!