Monday, January 01, 2007

more from NYE 2006

For NYE, we attended the annual neighborhood progressive party and ate waaaay too much delicious food. There were three stops: appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. By the time I got to main dishes, I was already full from all the scrumptious appetizers. I managed to shovel in a bit more yummy tortellini....and of course I was able to find a bit more room for the desserts.

A couple more snaps from the party...

party boy
my little party goer

moms on the run
this photo cracks me up because R is holding both sippies AND booze

desserts YUM

watching the ball drop in New York city
watching the ball drop in NYC at 9pm local time (perfect for the kiddos)

more 'snow'!

more pics here if you're interested.

And what did we do on the first day of 2007?

cleaned the kitchen

helping to take the lights down
took down the lights

little squirt

I think this evening will involve dinner, playtime with the kiddos and maybe even some knitting. Hope your first day of 2007 is wonderful, too.


Anonymous said...

This looks/sounds like a lovely way to ring in the New Year!

And I am loving the sippy and booze toting mama - she looks like my kind of grrrrl!