Friday, January 19, 2007

sometimes the first cut isn't the cruelest

Yesterday I took MonkeyBoy to have his hair cut for the first time. The Dearest has been after me (in a nice way) to do it, but I've been resisting. LittleMan got his first hair cut when he was only 18 mos. old, but he had very straight, fine hair that was growing out all spikey on his head. Since MB's hair is so curly, it was hard to see how long it was growing till just recently.

We've had super low humidity (along with record near freezing temps) for the past week, resulting in some crazy MonkeyBoy hair:

before the first cut

He kept running around, pushing his hair out of his eyes and saying "hair-cut? hair-cut?". The other day my neighbor (who has 3 girls) offered me a barrette to hold MB's back. We had a good laugh over that one, but I realized that he really did need a trim at least.

So off to the local kids' salon we went. MB did *great*. He's seen big brother get several haircuts, so MB was excited that it was finally his turn. He really enjoyed sitting in the car/chair, but once the cutting started he wasn't so sure about the whole thing. No tears, just some very concerned faces:
not so sure about this

Monkey Boy gets his hair cut

I told the stylist that I didn't want all the curls taken off. Just a trim to neaten things up. She seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and we're all happy with the finished product:
the finished product
Stilly my curly-top...still my little baby!


LLA said...

I'm so glad that the curls were saved - such a precious little MB...

Woolfairy said...

When you said 1st cut, I panicked a little that the adorable little curls would be gone. They just seem to fit his personality so well. I'm so glad you were able to find a way to save them!

Catherine said...

Oh so sweet! My Little J. Man needed his hair cut at 10 months! It was so long and thick and straight that I really couldn't ignore the fact that it was hanging in his eyes any longer. Trouble is, now I think it's growing FASTER! At just one week before 1-year old, he needs it cut again! (He donned similar "concerned" looks like MonkeyBoy...too cute.)

MB is incredibly adorable. Great photos.