Sunday, January 14, 2007

in which a monkey rides a bike

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(keep in mind, this kiddo just turned two. the little bugger is keeping me on my toes! also, did you catch those train noises!? LOL can you say "train obsession?)

And thanks to all the lurkers who posted comments or emailed. :) It's nice to know you're all out there!


Margene said...

That is such a cute video! I'll be smiling all day.

Woolfairy said...

This is so me in s months! B is already pedaling backwards on the trike we have from DS #1. We don't have a bike that size, so we won't have the exact thing, but I am also having a time keeping him off of Z's Razor scooter (the 2 wheeled variety.) But wow, what an amazing video! Better go get some rest, I bet there won't be a lot of it in your future!

LLA said...

Such a cutie!