Thursday, January 25, 2007

the start of something new & love thursday

Another sweater for LittleMan:

start of a new sweater

A pirate sweater to match LM's Pirate Hat (click photo to see more info)

...and love thursday (better late than never)... loving:

-the GIANT bubbler I found at le Target:

day 24 of 365/photo a day
day 24 of 365
Monkey Boy can finally make his own bubbles without making a mess all over me or himself. Plus this thing is so huge that it holds a whole bottle of bubbles- less time spent re-filling. It's about the size of a 1 gallon paint can!

-when the small men hold hands and walk together (I need a pic of this)

-the anticipation of *finally* getting my hair cut tomorrow

-good, runny, stinky cheese + crackers

-homemade minestrone soup

-handcrafted soaps (you gotta try the beer & honey or the java orange mint)

-hearing LittleMan ask for "hot chocolate & marshmallows, please" before bed

And what are you loving this week?


PutYourFlareOn said...

That sweater is going to be so cute! Looking forward to seeing the pics you snap of your boy wearing it. Though the little boy in the picture is cute your son will be so much more cuter, me thinks. How come they didn't have awesome bubblers like that when I was a kid??

Stinky cheese and crackers? Are you French?!!! ;)

Leigh said...

Sheree, have you seen this sweater?

Me, I"m loving my snuggly down comforter.

Hunny said...

That bubble bucket is great. I have one for my daugther and it rocks. No fighting over bubble wands.

Ween said...

Ok, I'm going to copy you. Jack is way into pirates! I ordered the book, but I'm anxious to get the yarn so I can get started. Can you tell me the yarn requirements for the size 4? I tried googling them, but no such luck. Thanks!

Hillary said...

I made this for my son and he LOVED it! I'm sure yours will too!

Woolfairy said...

This is so cute! A great intarsia project too. Is it your 1st one? It really wasn't bad at all. Although I don't think I'll knit the companion blanket with the car and truck repeats to the Big Dig Sweater. I saw a pink kids sweater at my LYS yesterday that had a skull and crossbones and I thought of you and your little man. BTW, did you get my email? Also, I need your address. I have something to send you.

Woolfairy said...

And OMG could that comment have been more disjointed!? I'm not really that inarticulate usually. lol

LesleyKnits said...

I just finished that sweater for my little boy - I can't wait to see yours!

Julia said...

cute pirate sweater pattern! I recently ordered Phildar Calin Tricotez and it had a baby sweater that said, "100% Pirate" which cracked me up. Are the French obsessed with pirates too?