Friday, January 19, 2007

just step away from the mom jeans

day 19 of 365/photo a day

day#19 of 365

I've been feeling kinda dowdy lately. Like I'm wearing the same tshirts and jeans all.the.time. I've never been much of a fashionista, but the mommy uniform was starting to get me down.

After Christmas sales were a good place to pick up some fun boots, a couple of nice new jackets and accessories. But I was still looking for a good pair of jeans. Something in a darker denim so they could be dressed up if need be. Since the small men were hanging out with the babysitter today, I headed off to be the local mall to be Gapped, Nordstromed, and Hollistered to within an inch of my life.

Normally I buy my jeans at Old Navy (along with 90% of my wardrobe). Today I decided that I was NOT going to buy jeans at ON. So that meant I tried oh, about six THOUSAND pairs of jeans at practically every place in the mall that sold jeans. I finally found the perfect pair at Gap (it only took about three hours). Yay me!

Then I headed over to Nordstrom's lingerie department for some new bras, another item I was badly in need of updating. It's been about 4 yrs since I wore anything but nursing or soft cup bras. Let's just say that the 'girls' were not quite as perky as they should be after two pregnancies and nearly four years of nursing.

Nordstrom's always has the best Lingerie Ladies. They *really* know their stuff. As soon as I walked into the racks of lingerie, three LLs descended on me like a pack of tiny, impeccably dressed sparrows armed with measuring tapes. Twittering at me in soft, Eastern-European accented voices, they measured, poked and prodded, then led me into a dressing room. Half an hour later, after trying on a multitude of undewire, cross yer heart, padded, gelled and 'air-foamed' (wth?) undergarments, I emerged with The Perfect Bra.

The Perfect Bra cost almost as much as my first car, but it put the 'girls' back where they belong -above my navel. With the 'girls' in the right spot, I looked like I had lost 10lbs! In fact I looked so much better that I ended up wearing TPB out of Nordies. The Lingerie Ladies just nodded sagely and threw my tattered old bra straight into the trash. They'd seen it before.


LLA said...

The greatness of the Nordstrom LLs must be universal - they are that way here (ATL), too!

Congrats on coming out of your treacherous shopping day so successfully! (I find shopping for both jeans and bras to be superlatively stressful. I am so impressed that you are brave enough to go for both on the same day...)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you are too funny! I'm getting myself in shape, and then I'm doing the same thing.

Joe and I were watching What Not To Wear last night and he asked could you really buy an entire wardrobe for $5000? Oh yes, I could! (He also wondered if that included new underthings. Oh, yes. It most definately would!)

Obsessed with knitting said...

Congratulations to both you and your girls!

Good times!

Julia said...

Girl, I hear you! Although it's only been 2 years for me and finally I dropped some serious dough and got a real haircut--with a stylist. Price=$$arm$$ but I felt like myself again.

LLA said...

Yes - I know that I commented on this originally months ago, but I just had to let you know that I thought of you, and this post today.

Short story: I, too, desperately needed new foundation garments. It had been so long... I let the LL measure me, and lo! and behold! Totally wearing the wrong size. 3 dozen try ons later - I ended up wearing my new bra home. It made me feel better knowing that I am not the only person to do so...