Thursday, January 18, 2007

love thursday

First off, I had several people asking me about my opinions on the Swish superwash yarn I used to make the Drive Thru sweaters for the small men. I'm working on a real review-like post for that, so keep an eye out.

Now onto the things I'm loving this Thursday:

-warm basil beer bread, pungent with Welcome Ale and spread with Plugra

-Monkey Boy's trouble-making ways:

day 17 of 365/photo a day
(he was busy "washing his hair" with a bottle of gel while I was trying to take the photos of Veste Everest. No wonder he was so quiet!)

-my new necklace from Little Put Books :
my new necklace from etsy

-Top Chef

-sleepy little men:

sleeping like a baby

-watching Little Man set up a bunch of child-sized lounge chairs so he and all his friends could relax:
Little Man lounges

-time spent with my small men (how can I love them so much?)
day 13 of 365/photo a daymy little helper

-vegging in front of the TV and having the Dearest appear with a Drumstick for me (he's psychic like that)

-sipping hot vanilla creme coffee with milk

-stealing the Dearest's sweater to wear and feeling like he's hugging me all day because the sweater smells yummy like him

-new books to share with the small men

So, what are you loving this Thursday?


LLA said...

This Thursday, I am loving your list - and all the happy pictures!


a. said...

today i love your pics! and the warm chocolate chip cookies we're pulling out of the oven too!

Robyn A. said...

I blogged about what I am loving today, because I swiped the idea from you and I am shameless about my theft. I did give you mad props last week, though.

I love your new vest, and I want to come eat at your house, since you always have the best carbs available. :)

Catherine said...

Your Little Men are darling! I will be back to visit again. Love the content!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving a hubby who lets me spend a few bucks on myself, and comes home to fix the fridge again (before he even sits down for a moment.)

I'm also loving having a dear friend back in my life (Robyn).